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Welcome to Peninsula Real Estate School!

Our Pre-License Program - $399

Our Law & Rule Required Course (LARRC) 

From the Director of Windermere Peninsula Real Estate School – Richard Voss

"We are a full-service online real estate school for the State of Oregon. The school has provided guidance and training for hundreds of students since the 150 hour requirement. We can assure you “Live” counseling 64 hours a week by our 1-800 phone number and 24/7 help by email.

Once you complete the course and State exam, we will help you get set up with your license and professional career. This will include fingerprinting, license applications, affiliations, and advanced training from our website. In short, we can provide all the necessary procedures you need to get up and running within the real estate profession."

PRE-License Requirements

Oregon eliminated the salesperson license category and became an "all-broker" state in 2002.  You must hold a broker license to perform professional real estate activity in Oregon . [ ORS 696.010(13) ]

To obtain a real estate broker license in Oregon , you must:

Once all the above requirements have been met in any order, you are then eligible to apply for a real estate license. The Real Estate Agency will send a broker license application to you after you have passed the license examination. 


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